I used to really enjoy HGTV being a craft enthusiast....Now it seems like the real estate market bought out HGTV....Why so much on selling homes, renovating to sell. Homes, homes, homes.....The fixer up shows are good.

But the wonderful How to craft shows and how to make something ned out of something old. The only craft type show I spotted were early in the morn, Scrapbooking and clever. Wheres CArol DuVaul, and all the others, its been so long I can't remember their names. Please bring them back.

Not everyone is selling or buying a house. If the real estate market bought you guys out.

shame on you... boo boo boo.....That's all I have to say.

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Richardson, Texas, United States #590929

I agree. That was the who purpose of watching HGTV it was fine at first with House Hunters than all these other real estate show come on.

I don't watch HGTV anymore.

They use to have gardening shows and decorating shows but now HGTV sucks. I thought that I was the only one that felt that way.


Yes I agree 100% the programing sucks. may be we could contact the companies that avertise with HGTV and tell them how dis-satisfied we are with the programing could they put more craft shows and design on a dime desiging cents, designing for the sexies miles of style, hi-low, elbow room.

Maybe if they think there customer are not happy and will stop shopping in there place of business they will contact HGTV and inform them of the situation. Can anyone find a phone# or e-mail for the companys please post them and let start calling them.

The only time they do show something worth watcing is in the early morning NO MORE HOUSE HUNTING MILLION DOLLAR ROOMS and *** programs like that. bring back the good shows.


I so agree. It use t be so much fun to watch them redecorate on inexpensive stuff.

The creativity was banging...now it is nothing but trying to find million dollar homes...I don't thinks so..bring back decorating. :cry


Agree there are way too many real estate shows.

I don't watch anymore. I miss the "how to"

and designer shows.


too many real estate shows. did the time slots changes for Miles of Style and all those other make over and craft shows?


I am very disappointed in HGTV programing.I used to watch all the time but you have taken all my favorite shows off.I am sick to death of the Real Estate shows---ENOUGH ALREADY! I see I am not the only one who feels this way.Please bring our favorite shows back---More craft shows!!!!! Thanks


Yeah, I agree! And how many "Professionals(?)" watch so many episodes of Holmes on Homes????

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