I don't really buy into all the claims that the contest is rigged. The rules state that they can perform a background check AFTER the "potential" winner is chosen.

I assume this is to make sure they don't parade any child molesters, wife beaters, or murderers around to represent their network. (Although if they also do a credit check and base it on that, even with no criminal record, then I would agree that would be inexcusably evil.) The reason so many of the winners are already relatively upscale or are retirees is because that is their demographic. By far the majority of people who watch hgtv are either retirees or upper middle class (thinking about the best way to build an addition, finish the basement, or remodel the kitchen). I am not one of those people so, like many of you, who like watching all the makeovers but who can't afford to actually do any of them, I am in the minority of viewers.

This doesn't mean I have a lower chance of winning. It just means that if, say, the demographic is 70% upper middle class and/or retirees, the odds of whoever does win being one of them are much higher.

Anyway, the entry form on their website hasn't worked for the past two days. Just keeps giving a message "Our Bad, the server had a hiccup, try again." Which never works no matter how many times you try.

So that sucks. They don't seem to be doing anything about it either. So that also sucks. If their servers are overloaded with entries, I think all of our odds of winning are getting slimmer anyway.

But they should still be able to scale their *** servers to handle the load. This is 2014 after all.

I have a hard time believing fifty million people are trying to enter their sweepstakes constantly, all day every day, so apart from that, there's no excuse for not being able to scale to meet the load. Get your *** together hgtv.

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Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States #1026858

So sad, shame on HGTV! A serious and loyal ex client from south Florida


That's true they never announced the winners. I have been entering for a while.

I believe they choose what category whom they choose to win. I just watched the show to get ideas to help decorate my new house.

California, United States #860448

Wake up, buddy. This is a successful MARKETING SCAM.

You have NO CHANCE of ever winning. They want your info. Be real. You think they can afford to GIVE AWAY a home?

I don't think so.

to morekare Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #900592

Sure they can afford to give away a home after selling everybodys info duuh.

to dreamer #1034291


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