shocked when the couple of three, one man and two women, were shown, this is not family friendly, as well as showing same sex couples or even mixed race couples. this is not something I should have to explain to my grandkids.

also, what happened to texas flip and move? great show, also love home town and good bones, hate windy city, Alison is a bit-h and thinks she is wonderful, but wears her clothes too tight and low cut to be working on a house. hate christina, her xhusband, joanna and husband, and that new woman, gracie has some loose screws somewhere, but she thinks she is wonderful...sorry but no. i use to like david when he was designing but he has gone off the deep end and needs to cover up those ugly tats, i know he is gay but he needs refine himself for tv.

i have several gay friends and they do not act like him. i love flea market flip but hate the host, she is another one that thinks she is great and wonderful, she needs another job and also leave the other show gma. the biggest problem I find on all these flip shows is that the host spend too much time in front of the camera explaining things instead of doing the work, show the work and also we know they are not doing most of the work, especially the women, we are not stupid. one person made a good point on the consumers you pick, you need more older people, handicaped and special needs people to help with their houses.

and why do people want such big master bedrooms and bathrooms? and I do not want to be in the same bathroom with my husband, I do not use the master bathroom, I use the other bathroom as mine.

I could go on and on but I know you are tired of me so I will shut up now. thanks for listening.

Product or Service Mentioned: Hgtv Tv Show.

Location: Adamsville, Alabama

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