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I've stopped watching the channel when it is hour after hour of "Fixer Upper." Enough is enough. One can only take so much syrupy sweetness At lease space them out.

There have been days when the only choice from 12:00 noon until 9:00 p.m. was "Fixer Upper." I can only throw up a few times a day, and I think I run the risk of diabetes if I watch all of them.

Have mercy on those of us who value good repair hints but can't stomach the fake cuteness of husband, wife, kids and buyers. Offer a variety through the day, rather than repeat episodes of the same program all day long.

Product or Service Mentioned: Hgtv Fixer Upper Tv Show.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I too am sick of Fixer Upper all day long all the time!! I am house bound with invalid daughter and we love HGTV variety of shows but sick to death is defunct shoe Fixer Upper.

Please give us a break. Play it if necessary between midnight and 5 AM!


I totally agree - get rid of the Fixer Upper shows. Nauseating at best.

Nothing Chip says or does is cute, funny or charming. He acts likes a kid needing attention.

And JoAnna and her puppy dog eyes. Enough is enough.


Yeah...enough is enough! I can rely on hitting 112 on my remote and there it is...Fixer Upper...again.

Stop already! Thank goodness for DIY Network.


I totally agree. Im sock of them now


I completely agree! Enough of fixer upper. Geez


Im fed up with fixer upper and its endless reruns. It has become hgtv”s mainstay “programing”.

We pay too much for constant reruns and commercials. Tv is not free.

We pay monthly for so called programming and we pay dearly with a barrsge of commercials. We are getting so little for our costs.


Finally. I was beginning to think I was the only one completely sick of the reruns of these shows.

All day, all night, all weekend.

I think now that Trading Spaces is back on TLC, there will now be some other options for those of us who might like to see something other than this show. Makes me wonder if HGTV is a PR wing of Magnolia Homes or something.


Agreed! Mix it up a little please!

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