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ShockedAfter years of regular viewing HGTV decides to create a pay-per-view channel highlighting The Magnolia channel and all new episodes of Property Brothers and other newly introduced series. After Fixer Upper and The over- rated Gaines shows disappeared from HGTV for a year or so.

NO ONE CARES! THEY THOUGHT MORE OF THEMSELVES THAN THE VIEWERS. Now I guess they have sponsored the Discovery TV channel to cheat the viewers out of new shows and rip us off! HGTV is reruns lately or pilots of shows which you have to buy.

I say tell Magnolia Company to peddle their BS on another channel. No one cares anymore. Out of sight out of mind. And quit showing all the ads.

Either provide a quality lineup and new programs or shut HGTV down.

It's constant Gaines/Magnolia crap ads and interruptions to viewing.A lot of other channels are stepping up on home improvement/design. you're not the only game in town and quickly becoming the least favorite.

User's recommendation: change the channel. Its becoming Magnolia corp. advertising.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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