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I am interested to know how much HGTV and it's affiliates donate towards the republican party. I have noticed that I see way more ads towards trump and the republican party than I do for former Vice President Joe Biden and his presidential campaign.

I turn off the news channels as a break to the disgusting way the trump administration is handling everything from the pandemic, to the BLM movement , to healthcare, to the actual dismantling of our democracy. I feel you slant towards trump and his cronies. Or are you just trying to make sure that the suburbs remain as safe and white as they have ALWAYS been. I am offended.It seems to me that you are buying into the fear and hate that this administration has counted on to win votes.

Not happening here in this suburb. Please tell me what you support , and why HGTV?Slants

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Location: Cornelius, North Carolina

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Whomever HGTV employees plan to vote for is none of your business.


Biden sucks. That's why. TRUMP 2020!


You have it backwards. The party pays the network for the commercial time. TV is a business, and potential sponsors choose their stations by the demographics of the audience.

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