Why are there no hosts of color (at least not obvious) on any of HGTV’s shows? When viewing the lineup of HGTV shows, everyone looked the same; literally not one host of color!

If there is a host of color, it is certainly not obvious for which I am sure is purposeful.

For years, I have watched several shows on HGTV and am struck by the lack of diversity; it is truly shameful. HGTV needs to do better and provide a more realistic representation of society in the hosts of its shows. Since it appears that nothing will change, I will no longer watch HGTV and will also recommend the large network I know to stop watching as well. HGTV, you can do better.

However, it is apparent that diversity is not what your channel embraces. So, now I am done as a viewer of your channel.

User's recommendation: Demand that HGTV employ a more diverse pool of show hosts of color; which are representative of America.

Location: Oakland, California

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I agree with the customer. I have noticed this exact same issue. I surely hope HGTV is willing to be introspective and is open to being more inclusive.


I agree. Laurel, Miss is 55% Black and I never see a Black craftsman, neighbor or friend.

I wonder how the Black family they found a home for feels?

Occasionally, a Black worker is on camera but no one calls his name. How can we help them listen?


As I’ve noticed the lack of diversity out in front of the cameras on HGTV, I kept on eye on the background to see mostly people of color laboring. The shows editors are quick to make sure you hardly ever get a glance of the people actually doing the work.

Instead the show features their white host installing one piece of tile and then taking full credit for the work.

It’s sickening. I will no longer watch HGTV until proper diversity is put in place and not just flat and underwhelming lip service.


message HGTV investor relations and tell them this is an issue investor_relations@***.com. They want to know that this is a concern.


I agree! 2021 and still no out front hosts of color!


I agree. HGTV has to do better in representing a diverse group of host talent.


I know of two shows that have black hosts, I don't know of any Latino or Asian or other nonwhite hosts. The two with Black hosts are property virgins with Egypt Sherrod and one of the flip or flop spinoff. Not sure of the status of either show


I was just thinking the same thing. I started paying for AT&T so I could watch HGTV last year (don’t have cable).

Whenever they get a show with blacks, it only last a year, if that long. I agree with your protest.


I actually was researching how to complain to hgtv about this very topic. They have featured several new shows, not to mention giving Christina and Tarek their own shows, and yet we see NO hosts or shows featuring black or other people of color!!!

Please do better hgtv. It's 2020!!!!


Agree with you both. HGTV must be held accountable for their blatant lack of Diversity.

Maureen McCormick (Marcia Brady) and Ty got a show.

What about building up former HGTV winners of color with some new shows. Do Better HGTV

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