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In the episode that was about a purple duplex, the large vine removed from the building behind the duplex was English ivy, a non poisonous plant , NOT poison ivy! English ivy is evergreen; poison ivy is not!

The leaves of poison ivy have three distinct leaflets that many times have a tiny spot of red on the stem. It turns a beautiful red in the fall before losing its leaves.English ivy is green all year and has only one leaf per stem.

The ladies are good at what they do , but identifying plants is not one of them! Please protect them from possible future poison ivy exposure , as well as future audiences by teaching them the difference in these two plants. It may save them time , effort and useless irritating scratching if they would learn the difference in the two plants!

They also need to know the difference in Virginia Creeper , another non-poisonous plant the grows rampantly in some areas.

It has leaves of five and grows in similar places to poison ivy.

Remember leaves of five , let it thrive. Leaves if three let it be!

User's recommendation: Make sure you know what poison ivy actually looks like so you can avoid it!

Product or Service Mentioned: Hgtv Good Bones Tv Show.

Location: Lincolnton, North Carolina

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I'm really disappointed to see they cut an old tree located in front of the house. The daughter suggested to trim the tree but the mother, expert in trees, made people cut the whole tree because the tree would die if you trim it.

In addition, there was a bird nest but the mother was so satisficed of what she did!

I've heard the show is cancelled, I'm so glad for that. They're showing that stupid show the whole day!!!....here in Houston!

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