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Get it OFF! I will stop watching if it continues!

Location: Mcalester, Oklahoma

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hi my name is Christa Pellicci im from Stamford Ct, and im a Fan of the Young British, Actor! Henry Cavil, and my mom Mrs Toni Lupinacci was like watching the Show# House on HGTV, and The Wife, on that show.

was Laughing at me for being a Henry Cavil, Fan as Miss Christa Pellicci From Stamford ct, im sorry but that's not very Nice!!! that's Rude# and that's Mean. it hurts my Feelings im sorry But how would she Feel if I Bullied. her!

wouldent it Like hurt that woman's feelings wouldent it upset! like her feelings well she has No right to do that to me as for a Henry Cavil fan sorry! but that is wrong You don't ever Laugh! at Actors Fan they get Mad im sorry but they do Like they don't like it when other people do that to their fans I mean its Stupid it really.

is im sorry but em Like I do not know who This Actor Henry Cavil, is as for Miss Christa Pellicci From Stamford Ct, and I never Met, him before No im sorry! but I haven't and its not true, and em I do not go out with him. I do not date this Actor Like im Not in a Relationship with him. and he was not with me tonight in the Family Nook having Dinner with me and my Dad and the Actor Henry Cavil, does not live with me im sorry but em Him and I are not together and we are not a Couple.

Hmm Hmm that's right were not its not even true im sorry Yea we do not go out with each other its a Rumor of a lie People just like Spreading Rumors of lies about me that's not even True or their im sorry but what makes that show think we are a couple em Like its not true, if it Like where him and I be seen as Like a Couple on E, Live, Entertainment tonight! and he Prounounce me as for his Girlfriend as Miss Christa Pellicci from Stamford Ct, right am I right im sorry but em did you see his Face or my Face on E, Live!!!! on Entertainment Tonight as Henry Cavil. and Christa Pellicci from Stamford Ct, then No we are not a Couple, Hmm hmm its a lie.

People just love to Lie Lie Lie about me that's not even true because their Jealous all Because im the Actors fan and their not well too bad You cant makeup a lie. and Make other People feel bad that's not right its wrong! like who the *** are you to Judge other people on who they like as for an Actor for a Celebrity for a movie star Like im Sorry but they don't know who the *** you are they never met you before Like Face to Face or Eye to Eye in person augh they don't like you Hallo. they don't like me Either because I never met them before Im sorry but the Actor Henry Cavil, does not know who iam Either as for Miss Christa Pellicci from Stamford Ct, and (A) Number 1# he does not like me 2# hes not interested in me sorry but hes an Actor For a Celebrity for a Movie Star, and I don't (Blame) him I don't like him either im just a Fan and Friend of his that's all like the Actor and I both don't have Anything in common together sorry im not interested In him im just a Fan.

that's it. and the Lady on the show# house does not know the Actor Henry Cavil, Either! and hes not her guy for a Boyfriend either! Sorry but I don't hear Like Anything about those Two being a Couple.

or Like them Dateing each other im sorry but he does not go out with her the Actor Henry Cavil, does not like that lady on the HGTV Like Show House! Like im sorry but he does not belong WIth her either! and he is not her Constellation of a Peace Prize of an Effected Blue. Ribbion on her shirt that says Number 1# on it she does not owe him and he is not her Pet Peeve as as Jeerble Like im sorry but she cannot have the Actor!

im sorry! isent she married to the Guy on the HGTV show House! with two daughters im sorry but you don't like ruin your marriage for a younger looking guy that is wrong you don't like do that its Disgusting! im sorry but shes in her uppers 70os and hes only 37 years old.

hes young im sorry but that lady needs to stick with her marriage that is disgusting ive seen Woman do it before that is Nasty! shes old to be his Aunt and hes young Enough to be like that Ladys Nephew! im sorry but like if he ever went out like with her the Actor would be arrested im sorry but I think shes Jealous, im sorry but the Actor Henry Cavil, is Nobodys Guy for a Boyfriend he dosent belong to Anybody Noone is ever going to know him or is ever going to know him or meet him or get a chance with him im sorry I don't mean to hurt# anyones feelings but its not going to like happen im sure, the Actor Henry Cavil will come across a Nice!!! girl (1-day) that he will meet in London in the UK.

as for his Fair Maiden so it wont be with me as Miss Christa Pellicci From Stamford Ct, or them or Anybody else.

Just do me a favor and leave the poor actor alone let him do Movies to make his True Girl fans Happy let him enjoy his True Girl Fans, Everyday as for their Favorite Superhero. and Let the Actor Enjoy his Life# with his Dog Kael and Leave his Fans alone we don't want to be like Bothered we are who we are like as for his True Girl Fans just Because these so called Idiots are not his fan dosent mean they got make other peoples lives Miserable they need to get a life they seriously do from christa pellicci

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