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Hgtv - Tarek and Christina are the face of a *** Team 2 of 2 people found it helpful
How could you put this ditzy woman and her hapless husband on a TV show? You've done such a great job with all your shows and it's a real shocker that you would consider giving this couple a show. Shame on you. I watched it for 10 minutes tonite for the first time and I will never watch it again. Her voice is so annoying and she is so silly and neither she or her husband have any charisma whatsoever. Please cancel this terrible show! I see...
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Hate this show.Tired of Tarek yelling "what" and rolling his eyes and whining like a 4 year old. And who really cares about pregnancy issues and Tarek's cancer. This is a home remodel show, not General Hospital. Many in the world have these issues, do not need to be part of this show. I doubt Christina knows tge difference between her birth control pills and a pac of tic tacs.Dump this show I am tired of meting Tarek's aattude.
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Typical greed and love of money, which are the status quo in expensive areas like Southern CA.These flippers deplete the housing market of affordable fixer-uppers that could otherwise be available to hard working blue collar families trying to buy their first home. But if it involves making a quick buck, then it's fair game. And plus, this is America, the land of opportunity. So if you don't have hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash at your...
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HGTV should reconsider their contract with them. Please share this with anyone you know that watches this show. The have cheated thousands of people out of their money and don't deserve the celebrity HGTV has given them. This show has ruined HGTV for me. El Moussa will have a legacy of deceit and thievery. It is amazing the lengths people will go to have an absurd amount of money. Stay away from HGTV, Tarek and Christina, Flip or Flop, Success...
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