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The 2008 HGTV Dream home is a total FRAUD.Firstly, the supposed "surprised" winner Stephanie wasn't even shocked, surprised, overwhelmed or ANYTHING when HGTV walked into her home....just barging in at 10:00 at night...telling her she won, and her having absolutely NO response.

Of course all her friends and family were there...because HGTV contacted her friend weeks earlier (as one of them admitted on a video..). (OH yeah, they just happened to BE THERE for a birthday party, when it wasn't even her birthday. HGTV had us all believing this was a complete surprise on LIVE television. WHAT A LIE!!

...It's funny, when I entered the contest they didn't ask me for a friends name! How strange... Additionally, when asked by Lauren Lake of HGTV what her favorite show on the network was...she couldn't answer! ...The whole interview the supposed winner acted like she lied her way through it!

They even asked her how often she entered, and she looked to her husband as if she was making it up along the way...You would think that HGTV would check the IP address on where the entries came from....Her friends and family all said they entered and probably entered "Stephanie" and she didn't even know it!

I'm turning off HGTV...they are dishonest.

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I can see the suspicion of just putting an email in to win something so big.If it is a scam it will come back to them but that would be horribly mean to lie to people!

Another thought is maybe some hgtv homes are rigged?My question would be to them, do they profile before they call you because it seems like teachers usually win, which is okay but if they are profiling it's waiting others time ya know!


HGTV DiyNetwork and GACTV and Travel Chanel Sweepstakes are ALL SCAMS!They offered big prizes but I have NEVER once see an Asian winning it.

Don't believe me?Please go their sweepstakes website and you wil see what I mean.

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Think people -

HGTV calls the winner in advance so they will be home when hgtv gets there.

Stephanie was answering their questions so she probably looked at her husband to see if he wanted to answer some.

It would be a total waste of time and money to have an employee of the show checking the IP addresses.

HGTV isn't honest?One of the rules of entering to win a dream home or home makeover is that we can only enter twice per day - it's up to us to be honest and only enter twice a day.


This post if old, but I have a comment.I don't think that the sweepstake is a scam, but I do believe that it is unreliable.

The rules said that you can enter only twice per day, yet, their software will let you enter as many times per day as you wish! I mistakenly did that on the previous dream house and I emailed them to complain of that flaw... Never got a response. Now, if somebody decides to exploit this flaw and enter 2000 times a day, would they have a better chance of winning if the silly online entries batch gets picked?

You bet! In addition, I signed up for the daily email reminders, which is sporadic at best.

Some days I get it, some days I don't...how can you trust a company that really doesnt have their act together?


The complete *** w...h.,or..e that is sessa doesn't amaze me in the least....hehehe Daddy spoolged all over her face.

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The complete delusion and idiocy of people on the internet never ceases to amaze me. These complaints are ridiculous bu!!$hit. Some of you clearly need therapy and perhaps medication.

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I agree.HGTV contests are rigged.

Every winner is ready and waiting for the door bell to ring and then come tho the door (of their already beautiful home and obvious wealthy position in life). They never go to area codes that don't match their desire of aesthetics. The people that answer the door and their family and company are actors. Scam is hardly the word.

Staged it the word, paid actors are the participants. As far as that lady that called in to win something, it would be no effort on their end to put a message to the callers that someone else had already won instead of leading people to believe that they had won so they thousands of people didn't continue to call.

Even if the people were called ahead it time to set up the "surprise" win, why are they already wealthy and already living in wonderland neighborhoods?HOAX HOAX HOAX


They are not excited b/c they know well in advance that they have won. But I cry bull if they are giving it away to wealthy people...but then again if you live in public housing could you actually afford the upkeep and taxes for such a home. They need to add an additional prize of taxes and utilities for the next 5 years..that still would not cover unexpected repairs.


OK...so this is a scam but how can someone lose this home to foreclosure if it is given, deeded to you outright?? Now I can see the taxes killing you but why not turn it into a bed and breakfast or some sort of elegant, expensive time share. I will keep my eyes and ears peeled.


:( I am so pissed.I have entered and today is the last day.

So, when i entered on both sites it said there was an error and try again. I did like 10 times. I chatted with an assistant on line and she gave me a site to go too.

Went there and it said unsuccessable.This is ***

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