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I am writing to say that approximately a year and a half ago ... possibly 2 years ago ... I was able to call and talk with someone at HGTV IN PERSON.

I wanted to air my concerns about Christina and Tarek (sp?) Tarek especially because I found their behavior to be less than professional since Tarek was constantly arguing with Christina. It wasn't long after that that it was reported that he went haywire ... the result being that the were going to get a divorce.

Somehow or other Mangement at HGTV decided to allow them to return to continue airing Flip or Flop.

I am sorry that decision was made because they are not the sort of example HGTV needs to be projecting when all the other individual and programs feature interesting talented "NICE" people ... whatever the program title.

Thank Heavens I have been able to find one of the other programs that I believe come under your auspices or are in some way connected to your programing to watch ... and I will continue to do so .... as are many many many other people I know.


Thank you

Barbara Seed

P S (I have noticed there are notices showing up in the lower right hand corner each and every day for a week or two announcing they are scheduled for Thursday evenings (but they have been out into other slots on other days)

Product or Service Mentioned: Hgtv Flip Or Flop Tv Show.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I like Flip or Flop very much but Christina needs to knock it off with her immature behavior toward her EX. She behaves like a high school kid who cannot grow up and the behavior and rudeness toward her EX is not coming off well.

If she cannot get her act together replace her with someone else and keep the show going with her EX. She ruins the entire show with her stupid bad behavior. She is too old for this and a mother of two children so tell her to grow up show some class and do something with her messy hair always flopping around.

Style it or pull it up and get on with the work they are supposed to be doing. It has always been a good show.

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