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I was watching an Episode of "Flea Market Flip"

Episode: "Rainy Day Flipping"

Teams, Adrienne, Anthony vs Jeff, Alex Husband, Wife vs Father Daughter.

The Host, Lara Spencer, intervene in the sale of the motorcycle fender coffee table. After Adrienne, and Anthony were offer $100 from the potential buyer. Lara negotiated the sell with the buyer, and she netted Adrienne and Anthony a $175. Because of the interference, they beat the other Team by $15

If Lara had not intervened, the other Team of Jeff and Alex, should have Won the $5000.00...

This interference between the two teams, needs to be reconciled, and the other team of Jeff and Alex need to be declared the $5000 Winners...

Trying to Fixing an Injustice...


Gary Barnes

Product or Service Mentioned: Hgtv Flea Market Flip Tv Show.

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HGTV should just have Lara Spencer compete against one competitor at a time. Everything is done at her command anyway.

Watch the ratings totally sink. The competitors will beat her every time. She seams to have absolutely no schooling, experience in design, even at a fundamental level.

She makes no sense! Only makes sense to change the channel when I see her!


Really... what is up with HGTV???

The concept of Flea Market Flip is a great idea. Lara Spencer clearly destroys it. Please give her, her own show. Get her off FMF so to regain the audience.

HGTV is totally irresponsible here.

Please replace her with a courteous, non-interfering, non-judgmental host. Nothing wrong with making suggestions to competitors but let them be to make a real competition!

to Anonymous #1605948



Lara Spencer is absolutely horrible. Give her, her own show!

Let’s see how long that lasts! So sick of the rudeness, demanding, dictating, repetitious, garbage she dishes out. It is not a competition if the host is dictating what the competitors can & cannot do! I always turn the channel after about 5 minutes listening her mouth!

Flea Market Flip is absolutely not a competition.

It’s someone trampling through situations that is NOT her business! I do not enjoy watching that garbage!


Agree ,totally. She is always sticking her nose in, don't think that's her function.

Personally, if some couple wins a Lot of times, it this same issue. She says no do this, do that.

Is she the contestant ? This is considered cheating where I come from.


Watch the show a couple of times and was not impressed. Will not watch again.


I stopped watcht FMF because of Lara's intervening! Turned it on this morn and darn if she still isn't doing the same.

If she wants to be a contestant, then DO IT or STOP ! You are taking all the fun out of watch the competitors do their OWN thing!

to Mary Louise Smith #1598998

I totally agree!!!


Lara intervenes too much. The participants are supposed to find and flip; as it is now Lara is helping people win and telling them what to buy and how to flip.

This is ruining the show. If she cannot keep out of the decisions she should change the name to Lara flips and stop the dishonesty


I recently watched her inform a team that the other team that had sold their 3 pieces was ahead by more than 300 dollars. Part of the strategy is not knowing about how much the other team paid and sold their pieces.

Due to Lara's big mouth, the team that was behind ended up winning.

She *** me off when she entervenes. I am no longer watching!

to NoLongerWatching #1448416

It is obvious that #HGTV is not concerned, or they just don't give a darn. "Keeping it Clean" Their silence speaks volumes about this issue...

to user14608981 #1602372

You are 100% right. By hgtv not responding, does speak volumes of their, "don't care attitude"

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