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This company might not necessarily be a scam but it is highly unethical and possibly illegal for the following reasons. It was founded by Tarek & Christina El Moussa, name called Success Path (aka Advanced Real Estate Education). I heard that this company has been highly recommended by GHTV (Garden Home TV), in the LA Times and NY Times, CVS among other businesses.

In the beginning at the first one-day seminar this company had an instructor who sounded very knowledgeable who brought hope and excitement to myself and the other students giving the impression that finally we can all learn to succeed in real estate. The instructor discussed the opportunity of us getting an assigned mentor to help each one of us learn in the future how to flip houses or anything we would need. They also offered to pay to buy the houses we students would find. I found out later that the company would only pay for “wholesale” houses (run down that looked condemned). However, before the end of the seminar, the instructor explained that a mentor and other benefits would only be made available if each student, including myself, agreed to pay $1,997 ($2,000) to attend a 3-day real estate class on November 4-6, 2016 to learn all the details of how to flip houses, etc. They said the $2,000 would pay for the instructors at the class, but would prove that each student was serious to learn more before they could get their assigned mentor. They gave us the impression that by paying $2,000 for the following 3-day weekend, we would learn to flip houses and get an assigned mentor to help me and the others. Everyone who paid this amount believed it was for the purpose to learn deeper things about real estate and to get an assigned mentor for a year. We also felt pressured to pay for an on-line class that would teach us to purchase tax liens, regular price was around $1500 but they offered me and the others to pay $997 (a better deal?) or we wouldn’t get the deal later. A couple days after the seminar, I received a call from a woman of the company who was holding my checks a couple days upon my request and wanted my Visa # instead of my 2 checks (she tore up) since the $2,000 would withdraw faster from my account. I had second thoughts about wanting to pay the $997 for the on-line tax lien course so she told me not to worry, that I would be able to purchase the discount price of $997 later because I was now in the system. (Even though I had been previously told by the instructor at the seminar that I had to pay then or the amount would be the regular price.) That sounded strange to me but at my request, she tore up the other check for $997.

At the 3-day class (costing $1,997 for two people—rounded off to $2000), the instructors were knowledgeable but were not detailed to teach more about flipping houses, among other assets of real estate, and used the excuses that they were not able to teach everything in 3 days. Many of us felt disappointed we were being “strung along” and not given the information we expected as promised from the one-day seminar to learn more on how to flip and sell houses. During the 3 days, the instructors also told us we could have access to a data base showing houses in any location we choose to make it easier to flip and sell. Everyone expected we were going to get this on-line data base at the class and also a mentor. They even had a former LAPD officer on camera live from his home towards the end of the third day to tell the students he had a wonderful mentor for a year and started out like “us” as a student, giving us all more hope that we would have the mentor before the end of the 3-day class.

Here’s the final blow and disappointment. On the last day of the 3-day class, everyone found out that nobody could get the data base or an assigned personal mentor as they were promised at the first seminar and also at the 3-day class until the students would agree to pay more money to join one of the next three levels of enrollment offered. We all found out that a mentor would only be assigned if we chose the top level out of the three levels. THIS became VERY UNETHICAL and disappointing after I paid $2,000 to get this information at the 3-day class.

Here’s the MIND-BLOWER! The lowest amount and level of enrollment they were offering was called the GOLD ENROLLMENT. The regular price of this was a shocking $37,969 discounted at $23,294 so that each student could learn FOUR days “hands-on” boot camp and fly to Las Vegas to learn how to flip and sell houses, real estate evaluation software, online resource center among other benefits with a free airplane ticket and lodging. The next (2nd) level being offered was called the PLATINUM ENROLLMENT, a regular price of $47,994 discounted at $28,294 offering something similar: FOUR days “boot camp” training of “hands on” of flipping houses and selling them, 3 power packed days with multiple national real estate experts and celebrities, online courses and the list goes on. The “top” level that was offered was the DIAMOND ENROLLMENT at a regular price of $75,970 discounted for us to pay $43,294 with added benefits. THE UNETHICAL PART OF ALL OF THIS is each student including myself felt they were tricked or being pressured into paying the $2,000 for the 3-day real estate class in order to receive a mentor and an on-line data base. Then on the third day of the class, we were all told we would receive the data base and an assigned personal mentor ONLY if we students paid for the Diamond Enrollment only. No one would be able to receive a mentor or the data base if they paid for the 2nd or 3rd level which was the Platinum and Gold Enrollment.

I’m not sure if “this program is a scam” because each student was promised a mentor and data base to help them sell properties if they paid $2,000 to attend the 3-day class which didn’t happen. On the last day of the 3-day class, they found out they would not be able to have either one of these benefits unless everyone joined the Diamond Enrollment which was only the top level and the most expensive level. This was a huge SHOCK and VERY UNETHICAL BECAUSE A STUDENT PAYING THE HIGH PRICE FOR THE 2ND OR 3RD LEVEL WOULD STILL BE DEPRIVED OF HAVING A MENTOR OR DATA BASE. PLUS WE WERE LED TO BELIEVE THAT EVERYONE WOULD HAVE AN ASSIGNED MENTOR FOR A YEAR AND THE DATA BASE ONCE THEY COMPLETED THE 3-DAY REAL ESTATE CLASS.

I question the fact now, that if I had paid for the Diamond Enrollment or even for the 2nd or 3rd enrollment level they offered, most likely this company would have had more offers forcing the students to pay more money once they got involved with the top, 2nd or 3rd level after going to Las Vegas. I now question if this company is a “scam” and highly illegal? They became VERY UNETHICAL by never giving the students the data base computer program and/or a mentor to go forward which would have also made money for the company.

FASTEN YOUR SEAT BELT…. It gets better….I spoke with one of the instructors complaining about all of this and told him that if I could possibly foresee going to Vegas for $10,000, then the other $30,000 (insinuating the $43,000 for the Diamond enrollment) could be used to pay for contractor fees and rehab fees rather than paying $43,000 just to fly to Vegas and learn four days of hands-on how to flip and sell houses etc. He said “Well we do have a plan for $12,000 where you fly to Vegas to buy houses already rehabbed and fixed up to sell” He said the houses run anywhere from $40,000 to $100,000. I asked him if someone gets a loan to buy the home, he added then the student can pay back the loan from the RENTS a new tenant would pay”. I confirmed however that this $12,000 deal would not pay for airfare or lodging and the student would not get a mentor or data base. I told him I needed to think about this. Then I thought to myself---“Why didn’t the instructor tell all the students about this deal available for $12,000 when they offered the other three enrollment levels”???...which would also help the company make money. I would have not known about this $12,000 deal if I had not approached the instructor complaining about the high prices for the other three enrollment levels.

THE LATEST…..On Tuesday, Nov 8, 2016 I called the Resolution Dept at their Customer Service requesting $1,000 refund. They agreed that this is a fair amount and it would take 3-7 business days to get my refund. I did not want to ask for the whole amount because chances are, they would have denied me receiving everything. I did receive the $1,000 refund 3 business days later. I called them back letting them know I had second thoughts about receiving only half my amount back because they taught very little on “flipping houses”, or giving us a mentor and data base, which is what they had promised at the first day seminar which is why we paid the money to attend the 3-day class. I repeat, we only received an hour of training during the 3 days of training on how to flip and sell houses which was not enough. After I received my $1,000 back, I requested for the balance of $997 to be refunded to me or at least $500-700 back because none of the students received the data base or a mentor as promised or barely any teaching on how to flip houses. This brought tears of SHOCK and disappointment to my eyes after a hard three days from 9-5 and after the instructors appeared to be so trustworthy and reputable. But instead, they only offered a new deal stringing everyone along in order to fulfill their original promises from the first seminar and from the 3-day class. Sad.

This person wrote the review because of "false advertisement regarding success path aka advanced real estate education with tarek & christine el mousse" at HGTV. Reviewer claimed that he or she wants HGTV to "be very careful of "false advertising" for success path aka advanced real estate education with tarek & christine el mouse".

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Brandon, Mississippi, United States #1264058

I went to one of the free seminars recently but felt very sceptical about signing up for further training, so I did not. The sales pitch at the free seminar sounded too good to be true, and after reading what what happened to you I do believe it is very much a scam!!!

Lots of people did sign up and sadly, learned the hard way.

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